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An Eco-Friendly Hotel in wrightsville beach
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Wrightsville Beach's   top eco-friendly resort

A Sustainable Hotel

We are truly blessed to be where we are, and here at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort, we are committed to doing our part to protect the beautiful gift we’ve been given. By implementing small changes, we are making a huge difference in lessening our environmental impact on our surroundings helping to provide a healthy ecosystem for future generations.

We strive to attain high performance standards in sustainability both environmentally and socially. Our aim is to bring positive benefit to the community in which we operate through high quality services, economic growth, environmental protection, community involvement, and employment. Follow along with #greenersideofbr.

A Major Initiative: Stormwater Diversion

The Blockade Runner and North Carolina Coastal Federation Clean Water & Sustainability Project involved the construction of an underground 150-foot perforated pipe/infiltration system that redirects the stormwater runoff that originally flowed untreated directly into Banks Channel from two outfall pipes on the property. The system is designed to receive drainage from the Blockade Runner’s property, which is 80 percent impervious, and treat a minimum of 85 percent of the runoff from a 1-year rain event. Additional storage was also added by installing a 2,100-gallon cistern and irrigation system that captures not only the stormwater in the system, but also the condensation from the hotel’s HVAC systems.

Save the Turtles

As an “Ocean Friendly Establishment”, we are striving to reduce our single use plastic waste and offer more sustainable options to our resort guests and staff. At the pool bar we offer drinks served in a reusable souvenir cup where guests can choose to take the cups home with them or turn them back in to the bar to be washed and reused. We also ask you to skip the straw. If you need or want a straw, please ask your server and we are happy to provide you with a chemical free 100% biodegradable paper straw.

A Better Solution

As part of the coastal community, we share the grave concerns of plastic pollution and how it is negatively affecting our environment. We have chosen to transition from plastic water bottles with our resort logo to boxed water. Not only is this product 100% recyclable, but it is made of a sustainable product (92% of plant-based materials) and has a 36% lower carbon footprint than bottled water. We believe “boxed water is better”, but refillable is best. Please feel free to refill your water bottle at our drinking fountain/filling station near the lobby restrooms.

Sustainable Meetings

Our meeting spaces feature re-usable, recyclable, and renewable products to reduce single-use disposables from our waste stream. In 2016 Blockade Runner was recognized as an Ocean-Friendly Establishment by the Plastic Ocean Project, and the North Carolina Green Travel Initiative awarded our resort their highest honor, Three Dogwood Blossoms, for efforts to reduce waste, conserve energy, and provide community outreach.

Our Green Team

Our in-house green team is volunteer-based and eager to share their time to assist in hotel-wide audits, training, and volunteer opportunities within the community. To-date, we have built 60 feet of oyster reef, logged 101 volunteer hours, collected 200 bags of oyster shells, and sorted 1,000 pounds of food and 1,868 pounds of trash.