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Race Description:

The swim is a 300 yard pool swim in the UNCW natatorium. Participants start at one side of the pool and snake their way up and down each lane as they work towards the other side of the pool. Being a pool swim race, participants must submit an estimated 100 yard swim time when registering. These times are used for seeding purposes. It is in your best interest to submit a time as accurate as possible. Submitting a time that is too fast for you puts you up with swimmers who will be passing you during the swim – not good for you or them. Putting a time that is too slow places you with slower swimmers and forces you to have to pass everyone. The ideal scenario for all participants is to have people submit accurate times – the whole swim flows better.

Swim caps are not provided for pool swim events. If you would like to wear a swim cap, then be sure to bring your own.

Detailed information describing the swim start plan for this event will posted closer to the event.

The bike course is one 9 mile loop. The course is flat and takes place on the UNCW campus and also on the neighborhood roads that surround the UNCW campus. The roads are open to traffic – but traffic is usually fairly light. This is a fast bike course.

The 5K run course tours UNCW campus sidewalk system taking in the sights such as the clock and makes a turn very close to the UNCW water tower. The course is totally flat and moderately shaded.