Birding on Wrightsville Beach

Quiet Beauty Surrounds Us Personal observations and bird images of Wilmington photographer capture international and state-wide attention. By: Karen A. Pennington Wilmington resident and professional photographer Jeffrey P. Karnes is making quite a splash with his impactful bird and nature photography. Jeff’s work has been recognized by the National Audubon Society as one of 15 [...]

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Speak the Language of Flowers

Discover the perfect flower for your Mother! Although this flower guide was created specifically for Mother's Day, the mother-nature inspired gift guide can apply to anyone in your life who needs a flower power boost! Step 1: Find out your mother’s favorite color. Step 2: Take note of the flower guide below. Step 3: [...]

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The 2018 Beach Renourishment Project

Like many coastal communities, Wrightsville Beach invests in beach renourishment programs about every four years. They replace sand washed away by storms, protect oceanfront property, and support their largest industry, tourism. Beach renourishment is a part of Wrightsville Beach's shoreline engineering. Every four years or so, this process of reckoning [...]

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Birding Tour: Wrightsville Beach

Cormorants, Great Cormorants, Terns, Gulls, Loons, Gannets, a Jaeger. Seen in a half day birding expedition on the major birding points in Wrightsville Beach: Masonboro Inlet on the South End, Mason's Inlet on the North End, and Johnnie Mercer's Pier in between. It's a small beach, just one road. You can make your way [...]

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Time to Take a Stand on Offshore Drilling

KEEPING AN EYE ON OUR WATERS Time to Take a Stand on Offshore Drilling By: Feletia Lee, Environmental Coordinator Blockade Runner Beach Resort For everyone who enjoys a vacation at the coast, now is the time to sit up and take notice that things at your favorite beach are about to change. Our [...]

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Our Annual Autumn Arrivals: The Butterflies

Our seaside lawn and gardens fall on the path of butterflies migrating along the coast from Canada to Mexico. Our gardens are a haven for butterflies as we have planted Milkweed, a plant that is as neccesary to a butterfly's survival as being an ocean friendly establishment is to the survival of our Carolina [...]

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Wrightsville Beach Favorite Resident: the Sea Turtles

Have you ever found yourself wonderin', what exactly is a sea turtle? Well our resort on Wrightsville Beach is a good place to find out more about these special creatures. In our summertime weekly interactive session, "Sea Turtle 9-1-1", an expert from North Carolina Aquariums comes to our resort with live turtles and gives [...]

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