Discover the perfect flower for your Mother!

Although this flower guide was created specifically for Mother’s Day, the mother-nature inspired gift guide
can apply to anyone in your life who needs a flower power boost!

Step 1: Find out your mother’s favorite color.
Step 2: Take note of the flower guide below.
Step 3: Book a room for Mother’s Day Weekend


The perfect red flower for Mother’s Day


Traditionally, hibiscus flowers represent delicate beauty, unity
and peace.


The perfect orange flower for Mother’s Day


Gerber Daisies represent happiness, closeness to nature, and devotion to the sun.
Gerber daisies are known to reduce stress and lessen sorrow.


The perfect yellow flower for Mother’s Day


The Victorians’ hidden message in sending the calendula flower was,
“My thoughts are with you.”


The perfect green flower for Mother’s Day


Nothing says long lasting and overflowing passion quite like a century plant.
Taking 15 years or more to bloom, the plant shoots out a gigantic stalk
growing up to three stories high when it finally flowers at the end of its life.
What a way to wow mom!


The perfect blue flower for Mother’s Day


Looking for a romantic Mother’s Day flower? In the Victorian era originated Secret
Language of Flowers, the purplish-blue tint of the agapanthus means “love letter.”


The perfect violet flower for Mother’s Day


A symbol of enchantment, Verbena is the perfect way
to share the magic this Mother’s Day.