A flower, a picture, what does it mean to you? Take a moment to peruse the gallery below of 2018 Art & the Bloom at Blockade Runner Beach Resort, an art exhibition accompanied by flowers.

A flower is not an abstraction, rather it is something very specific, a genus, a type, a scientific process.

In the middle of winter a freshly cut exotic flower in live form in front of your face spells something else entirely different from a freshly plucked bloom on a summertime nature walk or springtime garden foray, it spells, online shopping, specialty flower shopping, and next day high-speed delivery.

And such is technology in the present day 21st century, we can basically have what we want when we want it, whatever it is, that we want. It is a similar message that a flower in bloom says, whether still attached to its root system or displayed on its stem in a vase: the moment is now, all that exists is the present.

There is almost nothing specific or scientific about a piece of art, except for the fact that maybe it exposes man’s natural instinct to manufacture and repurpose imagery. Art is very much linked to history,to applause, and to human memory.

Both art and blooms bring color to the forefront of the mind.

A fashion show featuring hats by Jan Wutkowski, the creative and milliner behind aMuse Artisanal Finery.

My favorite thing about the Art & the Bloom exhibit this year was the ways in which vases were interpreted. There was a lot of driftwood.

We also had great workshops feauring horticulture and design. Check out some of the videos below featuring Pam Braun, Preston Montague, and Kim Fisher.

Preston Montague talks botanical illustration:

Pam Braun talks horticulture rules versus design rules:

Kim Fisher talks about her upcoming New Coastal Retreats and Workshops Oyster 101 happening this March at our Cottage!