Our surf to sound property and grounds are imbued with a history of Hospitality – they have been host to a beachfront resort hotel for over 100 years! From the Seashore Hotel of the early 20th century and the Ocean Terrace Hotel of the roaring 20s through the post war 50s, Blockade Runner Beach Resort carries the property’s torch for hospitality into the 21st century!

Take a trip with us through time and read the brief history as written by our Guest Services Manager, Jessica Solomon.

The Seashore Hotel and the Ocean Terrace Hotel were both boutique resorts located in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. While both properties were extremely successful, fate did not find them well, as both buildings ended up burning to the ground.

The Seashore Hotel was built in 1897 with three stories and included 150 guest rooms with fireplaces. The hotel patio had 100 rocking chairs, which were always kept in a straight line. Tragically, Seashore Hotel burned down in 1918.

In 1922, another hotel was built and was also named Seashore Hotel, but was later changed to the Ocean Terrace Hotel. During its time on Wrightsville Beach, the hotel had a dance pavilion on the Soundside to cater to those visitors who liked to have a good time.

In 1954, Hurricane Hazel ravaged the coast and badly damaged the property on Wrightsville Beach.  The Ocean Terrace Hotel burned down a year later.

Both of these properties paved the way for the Blockade Runner Beach Resort and helped it achieve the success that it enjoys today. From the beginning, each of the establishments catered to the family vacationers, the passersby, businessmen, and anyone else who happened to wander into Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Their focus on relaxation, leisure, and spending that extra time doing whatever the soul desires steered us in the right direction! Both hospitality beacons put in the effort to provide an excellent dining experience and serene oceanfront sea breeze to all who blessed them with business, and now over 100 years later, the tradition still stands.

Nine years after the Ocean Terrace Hotel burned to the ground, the Blockade Runner Motor Hotel was built. Over 50 years later, the company is owned and operated by the children of one of the original doctors who purchased the property.

It’s the same building, but is now known all over the country as the Blockade Runner Beach Resort.

With 150 guest rooms, five meeting spaces, restaurant, bar, and pool bar, the resort is the only surf to sound destination in North Carolina.

Still catering to the family vacationers, business people, and the like, the hotel has something for everyone! The sunbather, kayaker, swimmer, and relaxer all have something to look forward to at our resort.

We also reach out to more specific niches by taking advantage of our prime surf to sound property. Marathon runners, Stand Up Paddle Board racers, sailors, and water sports athletes of all types will find an affinity with the Blockade Runner, as we host massive competitions right on the grounds of the resort! Take a look at our Adventures and TriParadise pages for a complete rundown of these events.

I would say the Blockade Runner can thank the previous hotels that were in its place for the immense success that it enjoys. Without the tradition of hospitality established by the Seashore Hotel and Ocean Terrace Hotel, Wrightsville Beach would not be the world renowned destination that it is today.

Written by our Manager of Guest Services, Jessica Solomon