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Speak the Language of Flowers

Discover the perfect flower for your Mother! Although this flower guide was created specifically for Mother's Day, the mother-nature inspired gift guide can apply to anyone in your life who needs a flower power boost! Step 1: Find out your mother’s favorite color. Step 2: Take note of the flower guide below. Step 3: [...]

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The 2018 Beach Renourishment Project

Like many coastal communities, Wrightsville Beach invests in beach renourishment programs about every four years. They replace sand washed away by storms, protect oceanfront property, and support their largest industry, tourism. Beach renourishment is a part of Wrightsville Beach's shoreline engineering. Every four years or so, this process of reckoning [...]

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Birding Tour: Wrightsville Beach

Cormorants, Great Cormorants, Terns, Gulls, Loons, Gannets, a Jaeger. Seen in a half day birding expedition on the major birding points in Wrightsville Beach: Masonboro Inlet on the South End, Mason's Inlet on the North End, and Johnnie Mercer's Pier in between. It's a small beach, just one road. You can make your way [...]

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Time to Take a Stand on Offshore Drilling

KEEPING AN EYE ON OUR WATERS Time to Take a Stand on Offshore Drilling By: Feletia Lee, Environmental Coordinator Blockade Runner Beach Resort For everyone who enjoys a vacation at the coast, now is the time to sit up and take notice that things at your favorite beach are about to change. Our [...]

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Seven Art and the Bloom Events; Now to Choose!

With Art and the Bloom this year, our resort will host seven different special events, from workshops to book signings to demonstrations! Individual tickets are available for each event, but if you can't choose just one, look into the all-inclusive package. Start January with art and blooms. BOOK ROOM ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE [...]

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Enchanted Airlie Brings a Beautiful Holiday Spirit to Wrightsville Beach.

How often do you have the chance to walk through the woods at night? This is not just any woods - this is Airlie Gardens adorned with lights! Airlie continues to amaze visitors with its breathtaking combination of formal gardens, historic structures, sculptures, water views, more than 100,000 azaleas and the [...]

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Blockade Runner Beach Resort: A Brief History of Grounds and Property

Our surf to sound property and grounds are imbued with a history of Hospitality - they have been host to a beachfront resort hotel for over 100 years! From the Seashore Hotel of the early 20th century and the Ocean Terrace Hotel of the roaring 20s through the post war 50s, Blockade Runner Beach [...]

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Live Music Lives at Blockade Runner

Live music: we like it! We support North Carolina musicians. Read and learn more about some of the North Carolina musicians we have play at our hotel all summer long and in the fall also! Ed Stephenson A classically trained guitarist who honed his guitar skills first at Peabody John Hopkins and later North [...]

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