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Our Annual Autumn Arrivals: The Migrating Monarchs

Our seaside lawn and gardens fall on the path of Monarch Butterflies migrating along the coast from Canada to Mexico. Our gardens are a haven for the Monarchs as we have planted Milkweed, a plant that is as neccesary to a Monarch's survival as being an ocean friendly establishment is to the survival of [...]

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As a coastal business, every day we face a challenge: what to do with the waste that we generate?  With close proximity to the fabulous Atlantic Ocean and the glittery Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway comes great responsibility. THE WASTE GENERATED AT BLOCKADE RUNNER BEACH RESORT MUST NOT BECOME MARINE DEBRIS. We take great pride in [...]

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5 Places to go in Wilmington on a Rainy Day

It may be a rainy day in Wrightsville Beach, however luckily, our resort's location is just a simple 15 minute drive from historic Downtown Wilmington. We put together a list for you of things you can find around town on a rainy day. Cinematique of Wilmington A series of classic, foreign and notable films [...]

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Wrightsville Beach Favorite Resident: the Sea Turtles

Have you ever found yourself wonderin', what exactly is a sea turtle? Well our resort on Wrightsville Beach is a good place to find out more about these special creatures. In our summertime weekly interactive session, "Sea Turtle 9-1-1", an expert from North Carolina Aquariums comes to our resort with live turtles and gives [...]

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World Premiere Party at Blockade Runner: Indo Jax Surf Charities on The Hero Effect

World Premiere Party at Blockade Runner: Indo Jax Surf Charities on The Hero Effect Buy tickets for the world premiere at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort, August 10th 2017. Reserve a room at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort. On August 10th, our Lee Ballroom will host the world premiere of [...]

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From the Beach to Bellamy Mansion: An Adventure in Carolina Craft Cocktails & Shrimp Boats

The Wilmington Wine and Food Festival provided our Coastal enclave with some springtime inspiration to kick off our shoes and put on our hats with craft cocktails and 21st century hors d'oeuvres and bar snacks. Our Resort hosted an evening on our Soundside with a specialty cocktail: Strawberry Basil Blanc de Blanc Mimosas. The sunset over [...]

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We Are an Ocean Friendly Establishment

If you are visiting Wrightsville Beach for the first time, there is something you should know: we are serious about keeping our oceans clean and pristine, free of plastic, and healthy for all animals. 2017 has gotten off to a running start with sustainability here at BR. We rang in the new year [...]

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How a Statement Piece Can Kick Start the Interior Design Process

An inside look at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort's interior decoration palette for their spring/summer 2017 Tower section design revamp of some 3rd floor rooms, the 4th floor king bed rooms, and a few rooms in our Balcony section. When it comes to decorating a room, there is nothing like a statement [...]

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Tips on How to Win Flotilla (Based on the 2016 Winners) Not your average Thanksgiving! Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Wrightsville Beach gears up its Flotilla Parade for a magical harborfront experience of boats, lights and fireworks. Did I mention that there is a competition?  8 [...]

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